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I've always been attracted to architecture, design and modern arts.

Back in 2003, I graduated from Shenkar, Jewellery design faculty and started my business, did not have a boring moment ever since.

I started designing contemporary jewelry inspired by geometric shapes back in college, this collection evolved and changed over the years, some of my recent designs still have geometric elements and materials I just love to work with.

In the last couple of years, I came up with a collection inspired by nature, from trees branches and small fruits to nuts shells. I mold it in Gold or Silver and combine it with threads.

Over the last 15 years, I design, produce, and sell locally and around the globe.

I use Gold, Silver 925, threads, goldfield and unique mix of concrete. I just love the rough concrete combined with the shiny gold or Silver.

I am grateful for doing what I love!

hs timeline

2003 Opened my first business, just a few months after I graduated from Shenkar's jewelry design faculty. Together with Yael, a friend from college we established a jewelry design studio in Florentine quarter, Tel-Aviv. The studio located on the second floor of a timber warehouse, the two rooms floor was in a ramshackle status, we painted, renovate and face-lift it.

2004 A couple of the pieces of jewelry I created for my final project at Shenkar were selected to take part in Schmuck Talente art contest in Munchen, Germany.

2005 My father founded an independent interior design gallery at Yefet st. nearby old Jaffa, I moved out of the Florentine studio. we named this Gallery Workshop. Working together with my father was both exciting and enriching, his unique working technics as well as his attitude toward customers were and still are an inspiration for me.

2006 Started the cooperation with San Francisco iDesign distributor, she introduced me to the US market, which is still the major market I operate with. One of the customers iDesign worked with is the San Francisco MOMA museum design shop, another is the New York Jewish Museum, both used to sell my designs.

The City guide magazine book exploring unique city spots selected Workshop to be one of the places they recommend visiting, ever-since we had a lot of tourists dropped by.

Started to cooperate with a French distributor and shifted more focus to the European markets.

Joined A joint venture of a few local professional designers and opened a new shop in Dizenguf street called Umbrella.

Opened my first online shop in Marmelada.

Moved to Tel-Mond and opened a new studio at Hanote'a 12 Tel-Mond, where I both work and sell my designs and collections.

Opened my online shop at ETSY.

Rebranding and expanding.

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